Architectural Lighting Systems

Architectural Lighting

Encapsulite architectural indoor & outdoor lighting fixtures focus on three main characteristics of the illumination of buildings or spaces. The first is the artistic appeal of a building or an interior space, important in the architectural lighting in retail environments. The function of the lighting is also taken into account.  For example, will the lighting be used for reading in addition to decoration? Or will it be indoor or outdoor? Last, the energy efficiency of the architectural lighting is also important, taking into consideration over-lighting of parking structures or not enough lighting for the functions to be performed in the architectural space.

ERCO P3 High Bay Warehouse Architectural Lighting

We specialize in the illumination of architecture, including academic, institutional, corporate, hospitality, retail, entertainment, and facade lighting projects.  EncapSulite’s UV blocking safety products are especially suited for architectural lighting in museums, art galleries, and other places with light-sensitive objects.

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