UltraGuard High Temperature Safety Coated Fluorescent Lamps

Ultraguard is a FEP coating with excellent chemical resistance, designed for high temperatures. Lamps coated with UltraGuard can handle high heat, whether used for food service lighting, for industrial fluorescent lighting, or any other situation requiring shatterproof lamps and bulbs.

  • Coated with FEP T5 T8 T12
  • Designed for T5, T8 & T12 lamps
  • Transmits UV
  • Will not yellow or crack
  • For use in ambient temperatures below 400°F (204°C)
  • Open/closed fixture
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Warranty: average rated life of lamp

EncapSulite® has developed the UltraGuard FEP Safety Coating for High Temperature T5,T5HO, T8, and T12 Fluorescent Lamps. EncapSulite® exclusively coats all T5 Lamps in UltraGuard ONLY for added customer safety and long term satisfaction. EncapSulite® highly recommends UltraGuard Safety Coating on all "Long Life" T8 Lamps as it is the only coating available to last the life of long life lamps.  UltraGuard is also the ideal coating for use with Black Light lamps. The "FEP" coating provides excellent protection from shattered glass and transmits the maximum in UV.



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