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Laminated Safelight Filter Panels

Laminated SafeLight Panels

EncapSulite Clear UV Blocking Laminated Filter Panels (.015 thickness) are used in conjunction with the diffuser panels in overhead recessed fluorescent ceiling fixtures. Fast, easy installation provides total UV protection and easy lamp maintenance. Red, Amber, Yellow, Yellow Gold and UV Blocking Clear. Standard size - 24 inch x 48 inch and 24 inch x 24 inch.  Easily cut with scissors to exact size of diffuser panel.

  • Standard sizes - 24 inch x 48 inch and 24 inch x 24 inch
  • .015" Thick
  • Designed to lay on top of the existing diffuser or lens
  • Fluorescent Safelight Chart
Need help selecting the safelight that is best for you?
Click the Fluorescent Safelight Chart for help in selecting the SafeLight filter for your application.

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