EncapSulite Safety Lighting Products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not include transportation or handling costs.



EncapSulite UltraGuard Label

EncapSulite Internationals UltraGuard “FEP” fluorescent safety coating is guaranteed for the published rated life of the lamp as listed on the lamp manufacturers website or lamp catalog. If the coating should turn yellow, crack, or otherwise fail before the end of the rated life of the lamp. EncapSulite will refund the full purchase price as shown on the invoice subject to the following conditions. Lamps may be used in open or closed “vapor tight” fixtures. The UltraGuard safety coating is for use with T5 / T5HO & long-life 24,000 hour plus T8 lamps.

  • The lamps must be used in ambient temperatures below 400°F.
  • UltraGuard coated lamps must not be used with defective ballasts or fixtures with defective wiring.
  • UltraGuard safety coated lamps may be used with low, normal or high power factor ballasts.
  • UltraGuard lamps must be used with lamp holders that provide adequate contact.
  • UltraGuard lamps must be used with the proper type of ballast to match the lamp type.
  • EncapSulite International reserves the right to inspect the site where a lamp safety coating failed.
  • UltraGuard lamps can be used with motion-sensor systems with time intervals of 20 minutes or more.
  • This warranty does not apply if the merchandise has been damaged by accident, misuse, application beyond that stated. No other warranty is expressed or implied. EncapSulite International is not liable for consequential damage or costs.