Commercial Lighting Systems

Commercial buildings such as schools, factories, hospitals, and office buildings require safe, efficient and attractive lighting.  EncapSulite offers decorative commercial lighting fixtures and systems worldwide to meet your business and task lighting needs.  EncapSulite’s gold fluorescent lighting is ideal for many environments, including shatter resistant commercial lighting.  Crack, peel, and flake-resistant coatings provide excellent mechanical strength to retain the glass fragments in the event of breakage.

EncapSulite’s ShardGuard safety coated HID (High Intensity Discharge) shatter resistant lamps provide the ultimate protection for your employees, customers, and products from the hazards of glass contamination caused by impact, accidental dropping, non-passive failure or thermal shock. EncapSulite ShardGuard shatter resistant commercial lighting safety coating provides the ultimate in safety and cost-effective protection.

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